SCNH Is a Proud Partner of the VA Community Care Network

Sometimes, veterans in New Hampshire may not feel as though they can find proper care and coverage for their health issues.

This is certainly true when it comes to dealing with addiction to drugs and alcohol in New Hampshire. However, there are places ready and willing to help veterans prepared to make a healthy change in their lives. For example, Sobriety Centers of New Hampshire welcomes veterans with open arms. Additionally, SCNH is part of the VA Community Care Network.

What Is the VA Community Care Network in New Hampshire?

This network is the VA’s link to providers in various communities to help ensure that veterans receive high-quality care when needed. There are five regional networks in the country to cover all of the United States. Sobriety Centers of New Hampshire is part 1 Optum Serve, which covers the northeastern portion of the nation.

If you are a veteran struggling with substance abuse issues in New Hampshire, we know that it can be hard to find quality treatment centers that can help. However, as part of the CCN, we are ready to help.

Veterans Are a High-Risk Group

While addiction can affect anyone, more veterans have substance use disorders than the general population. More than 10% of the veteran population has been diagnosed with substance use disorder. Why are so many veterans affected?

Being in the military can bring with it a substantial amount of stress, including types of stress that most civilians do not have, such as actual combat and prolonged fear for their lives. Post-traumatic stress disorder is a major problem among vets, and this can lead to substance abuse.

Additionally, there are physical injuries they might’ve sustained. Whether they were injured by an IED, a bullet, knife, or were injured as a normal part of their duties, it could lead to an addiction to pain medication. Other veterans have trouble adjusting to civilian life. Going from high-stress situations where you could be killed to sitting in a cubicle or working a factory floor is jarring, to say the least. Some don’t transition properly, and it can lead to issues.

Because of the issues mentioned above, a lot of veterans turn to things like alcohol and drugs to help them cope. Before long, they develop an addiction.

How will a Drug Rehab in NH Help Veterans

SCNH Is a Proud Partner of the VA Community Care Network

Going through drug and alcohol rehabilitation can greatly help veterans who are suffering from substance abuse disorder. Not only can the treatment options help them to get clean from the substances, but the therapy can help them learn to deal with their stress better. They can learn coping skills that will help them with the big and little bits of anxiety that they experience. This could help to reduce the risk of relapsing and starting to use drugs or alcohol again.

Some of the therapy can even help to teach life skills that they might not have. After all, many people join the military when they are still teenagers. They haven’t had to learn the same types of life skills that other people have learned. Addiction therapy in New Hampshire for Veterans can help put them on the path to success in their life.

Going to a rehab center that accepts veterans also means you will meet other vets. This helps to provide a community of others who better understand what you have been through. Many veterans feel more comfortable talking with and connecting with others with similar experiences. It can be a way for you and others to start building your supportive community.

What to Look for in a Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center in New Hampshire for Veterans

When trying to find a drug rehab center in New Hampshire for veterans, you need to consider the service’s quality. Always take the time to learn more about the facility and the types of treatment they can provide. Do they offer detoxification? Do they provide various types of behavioral therapy? Everyone is different, and you need to find a rehab facility that understands this and can provide you with a unique program that’s right for you.

You will also want to consider the location of the facility. Find a place that isn’t too far from your home, so you can be comfortable. This is true whether you are opting for a residential facility or outpatient treatment.

Get the Help You Need Starting Today

Addiction is hard to overcome, but it is far easier when you have the help of a fantastic facility and a caring staff. If you are ready to take back your life, it’s time to reach out. SCNH is available around the clock. If you are ready to make a change in your life, please get in touch with the experts and learn what you need to do next.