Maine Veterans Substance Use Disorder Programs

Are you a veteran living in Maine with a substance use problem?

Do you have a loved one who fits this description? Those with problems with controlled substance use and who do not get the help they need are likely to fall deeper into the throes of addiction in Maine. It can be a hard path to step back from without help, and unfortunately, this happens to a lot of veterans. However, there are Maine veterans’ substance use disorder programs that can help.

What Is Substance Use Disorder?

Substance use disorder is a condition where someone is unable to control their use of a substance even though they are aware of the harmful consequences. Those with this disorder will spend an inordinate amount of time and energy focusing on that substance and how they can get more of it. This can include alcohol and illicit drugs.

Eventually, this disorder will make it more difficult for the person to function normally. They will have problems in their daily life, and it can make it difficult to hold down a job and to function in society, even with friends and family.

The addiction often continues to worsen, causing further problems in their health and ability to function. Often, they will have distorted behaviors and ways of thinking. They might even have changes in personality, poor judgment, memory issues, and problems making decisions. Essentially, their brain has changed the way that it functions.

Many Veterans Suffer from Substance Use Disorder

Maine Veterans Substance Use Disorder ProgramsThe statistics for substance use problems for veterans are staggering. More than one in 10 veterans have been diagnosed with a substance use disorder. This is slightly higher than the general population. The rates for vets who are between 18 and 25 years old were higher when compared with civilians. Additionally, they find that veterans may be more affected by certain issues that are related to substance use, including higher suicide risk, trauma, PTSD, pain, and homelessness.

Veterans Often Don’t Get the Help They Need

Even though veterans suffer at a high rate, they don’t always have access to the help they need. As mentioned, some of the vets are homeless and they aren’t properly cared for by the government and the VA. Others may find trouble getting all the help they need through a VA hospital. This leaves many feeling as though they need to fend for themselves, which does not often end well.

The best thing these veterans can do is look for facilities in Maine that can help to treat their substance use disorder, along with any underlying issues that are causing problems in their life and fueling the drug use.

How Is Substance Use Disorder Treated?

Once someone recognizes they have a problem and they want to treat it, the real work can begin. Everyone is different, which means the types of addiction treatment that will work are going to vary. It is important to work with medical professionals who can develop a custom program that will work for your specific needs. This might mean starting with detoxification and then moving into a residential facility or undergoing intensive outpatient care.

Benefits of Substance Use Disorder Programs in Maine for Veterans

Maine Veterans Substance Use Disorder ProgramsEven when someone commits to wanting to make a change in their life, it can be difficult. This is true even in the best of circumstances. When it comes to something as hard and serious as a substance use disorder, it can seem almost impossible to do it alone. The best course of action is to find professional help that can provide proper guidance, and that can provide you the tools needed to prevent relapse.

Quality substance use disorder programs for veterans in Maine will help them understand that every person is unique. They won’t have a cookie-cutter approach to helping patients, and they recognize that veterans could have some underlying issues that are causing the use of substances, whether it is alcohol or drugs. 

In some cases, veterans will need to undergo a drug and alcohol detox before they can be on the path to recovery. Those who need detoxification will always want to go through a professional program monitored by medical professionals. It is a safer option.

Find the Best Substance Use Disorder Programs

If you are a veteran, or you have a loved one who is a veteran and who needs help with a substance use disorder, you need to find a facility you can trust. They need to be professional, compassionate, and capable of providing you with the needed level of care.

In Maine, you will want to check out Sobriety Centers of New Hampshire. They offer addiction treatment programs that help those in New England, including Maine. You will find many addiction treatment program options, including intensive outpatient programs, detox programs, inpatient care, and more. Talk with them today to get the help you need.