Maine Drug and Alcohol Detox and You

Being treated for drug and alcohol addiction in Maine will often start with a detoxing process. You will learn more below about how detox works, why it needs to be done with guidance, and how to find a detox center in Maine for drugs and alcohol.

Of course, those who have never been through drug and alcohol detox in Maine or had a loved one go through the process may not know what it entails or what to expect. Medical professionals can ensure these symptoms, both physical and psychological, are handled safely.

Maine Drug and Alcohol Detox and You

How Does a Maine Detox Work?

During the drug and alcohol detox process in Maine, the body eliminates harmful substances like drugs and alcohol. The goal is to help those who are addicted to remove the substances from their body so that they can start the process of recovery.

Drug and Alcohol Detoxification in Maine must be done under the care and guidance of trained medical professionals, however, as it has the potential to be dangerous otherwise. When someone goes through detox, they are going to be experiencing symptoms of withdrawal, which can be severe. Medical professionals can ensure that these symptoms, both physical and psychological, are handled safely.

Something else to keep in mind is that detox is not a cure. This is not a standalone addiction treatment in Maine. This is the first step to help to clear the body and prepare you to then go through other therapies and treatments.

During medical detox, the staff at a facility will closely monitor a person’s withdrawal for any complications. The types of symptoms can vary from one person to another depending on the type of addiction. For some, it might be pain and flu-like symptoms. Seizures sometimes occur in those who are going through withdrawal from alcohol.

You need to find a detox center that can provide personalized help for your addiction, and that can offer you the compassionate care you need.

Maine Drug and Alcohol Detox and You

You Aren’t Alone in Your Struggle

Drug and alcohol addiction in Maine is a serious and tragic experience that millions of people are struggling with each day. Substance abuse affects those around the addicted individual. It affects those who are around them, as well, including friends and family members.

Out of those who are addicted, 37% deal with drug addiction and 73% deal with alcohol abuse. 12% of the population of substance abusers struggle with addiction to both.

A lot of people are suffering from addiction. Although this might sound depressing, it simply means that you aren’t alone in your struggle. Others are going through the same types of issues, and many who have come before you have gone through detox and rehab and come out stronger for it. You can do the same, as long as you go to the right detox center and rehab for your treatment.

What to Look for in a Detox Center in Maine

Deciding that you want to make a change in your life is the first step. However, you also need to be sure you choose a reputable detox center in Maine that can work for your type of addiction.

One of the first things you will need to consider will be what types of detox they can provide. Does the facility provide only alcohol detox? Do they only offer detox for certain drugs you aren’t taking, or can they provide you with the professional medical help you need to detox successfully and safely?

It is also a good idea to learn more about the staff who will be treating you or your loved one. You want to work with those who have experience, and who are caring and understanding. Often, someone going through detox will feel alone and frightened in addition to the withdrawal symptoms. Having staff that can meet all of the patient’s needs is essential. 

Find the Right Option for Drug and Alcohol Detox in Maine

Living with an addiction is not sustainable for you or those around you. “When struggling with addiction, it becomes difficult to keep a job.”. You might also find that family members no longer want to be around you despite still caring about you. Your health will suffer, and addiction can end in death.

If you are suffering from addiction, or you have a loved one who is suffering, reach out to Sobriety Centers of New Hampshire for help. We can provide help to those who are living in many parts of New England, including Maine. Our experts can provide you with a personalized approach to dealing with detox. They can also assist you with all of the treatments that come afterward, so you can finally return to a happy, normal life. Contact us today.