Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Maine

If you’re struggling with alcohol addiction, it’s important to know you’re not alone. Actually, 14.5 million people ages 12 and older reported having an alcohol use disorder in the US in 2019. Of those individuals, less than 10% sought or received any type of treatment for their addiction. 

Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Maine Ironically enough, Maine was the first state to outlaw alcohol during prohibition in the 1850s. Fast-forward over 150 years later, and over 14,605 people have been admitted to rehabilitation centers in Maine to help their excessive substance use. Of that many individuals, 4,207 came with the primary need to treat their alcohol addiction

It’s important to know that now is always the right time to get a hold of your alcohol addiction. Professionals are ready right now at the Sobriety Centers of New Hampshire to treat, support, and change the lives of those in Maine and surrounding communities. 


Why Should I Stop Drinking Alcohol?

The short-term effects of alcohol might be enough to make you sick, but the long-term effects are infamous for creating a world of problems. There are more benefits involved with quitting than there are with habitual alcohol use. 


Better Physical & Mental Health

When consumed disproportionately, alcohol will have damaging impacts on your mental and physical health. For one, alcohol contributes to mood swings, causing drinkers to become irate, impulsive, threatening, and violent. After taking the steps to get sober, you’ll find that your mood improves substantially. You’ll be able to find better coping mechanisms instead of using alcohol to self-medicate.

When it comes to physical health, quitting drinking significantly lowers your risk of cancer. According to the CDC, the more you drink, the higher your risk of cancers, including liver, breast, colon, mouth, throat, and esophageal cancer. You’ll also be able to lose weight, get better sleep, and lower your risk of dangerous accidents. 


Better Financial Choices

Addiction leads individuals to believe they need to have money to spend on their substance of choice. Alcohol is no different. When it comes to being a part of your budget, you’re spending money on something bad and dangerous for you. When you get to binge drinking you may find that your money is being depleted more and more. 

The more you drink, the more you’ll notice your habit cuts into necessities, clothes, shelter, and food. It makes much more sense to your health and wellness to make better financial choices, including quitting drinking or buying alcohol.  


Better Relationships

Being neglectful of things you once loved is a common feature of alcohol use disorder. Relationships of all kinds are among the first things that suffer. Your relationships with your boss, family, friends, and coworkers will show how you prioritize drinking over being there for them or catering to your loved ones. Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Maine

In Maine, you can begin to mend your relationships and rebuild them using accountability, forgiveness, and therapy. You’ll also be able to build new relationships around an understanding of what you’re going through. 


How Can I Stop Drinking?

If you’re trying to take the first steps to control and demolish your addiction to alcohol, it’s time to stop. Quitting alcohol in Maine will come with some uncomfortable symptoms due to withdrawal, but this is all a part of the process. 

Begin by setting goals for yourself and not keeping alcohol in the house. Stay away from people who encourage you to drink, especially if they know that you’re trying to better yourself. Keep yourself busy by taking on new activities to get your mind off your old habits and stay persistent!

If you ever find withdrawal symptoms or quitting has become too difficult, you should immediately seek help.


Alcohol Detox and Recovery is Possible in Maine

The State of Maine offers a vast variety of addiction treatment options for alcohol addiction. The Sobriety Centers of New Hampshire serves the New England area with only the most careful types of treatment catered to your specific needs.

Patients can underestimate the kind of support and treatment they need to ensure their sobriety and prevent relapse. That’s why treatment centers in Maine are ready to help create a comprehensive treatment plan tailored just for you. This includes screening, therapies, credible staff, a dignified environment, and thorough engagement and outlining. 

Addiction Treatment in New Hampshire | Detox Inpatient PHP IOP OP | Sobriety Centers of New HampshireDetoxing and recovery are just a part of the treatment you can receive at the Sobriety Centers of New Hampshire. We know how uncomfortable detoxing can be and how much willpower it takes to conquer this step. It’s necessary for you to take this step under the care of our professionals to help you stay safe, feel supported, and get through the process during your stay in Maine. 

If you’re ready to demolish your alcohol addiction through careful treatment in Maine, contact us today. We are ready to connect with you and help you start a new life of health, happiness, and sobriety.