Portsmouth Drug & Alcohol Detox, Rehab, and Treatment Resources

Portsmouth, New Hampshire, has a long and rich history as a seaside city.


Located on the beautiful Seacoast of NH, Portsmouth has a year-round population of just under 22,000 people.


The city boasts numerous hotels, and travelers flock to it for its many cultural events at Prescott Park, beaches, and restaurants, including Restaurant Week. The roaring current of the Piscataqua River feeds into the Atlantic Ocean and separates Portsmouth and Newington, NH, from Kittery and Eliot, Maine. Portsmouth Regional Hospital and Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery are two of the area’s largest employers. Strawberry Bank has a colorful history as an outdoor museum in the city’s South End and is the oldest neighborhood in New Hampshire which happened to be settled by Europeans in 1630. A few miles down the road, you can visit Albacore Park, 3S Artspace, The Music Hall, and Governor John Langdon House. Career and professional opportunities are abundant in Portsmouth.


However, many in Portsmouth suffer in silence from a severe medical condition. The impact of the Drug & Alcohol Detoxl epidemic has been rampant here. Countless individuals have found themselves addicted, often through no fault of their own. Perhaps they started taking a medication prescribed by a doctor after an injury or surgery, which led to more severe drugs. Many people begin with having drinks at a college party or after work with colleagues with no intention or thought of becoming physically or mentally addicted to alcohol. Sometimes these individuals turn from misuse of marijuana or THC dabs to drugs like heroin and fentanyl because they want an alternative high. Other times, we see pill-popping (taking more than one prescription), which can quickly lead to dangerous decisions with harder drugs. New Hampshire has also seen a spike in alcohol and meth use (and other stimulants like cocaine) in recent years.


It’s undeniable-we need better strategies in place if we hope to curb this growing problem before things get worse.


Drug & Alcohol Detox Centers in Portsmouth, New Hampshire


Finding professional help for substance use disorder in Portsmouth, NH, is available. Sobriety Centers of New Hampshire is here to help you in your journey to lasting and sustained recovery. Individualized treatment plans are usually offered at Portsmouth drug rehab programs or Portsmouth alcohol rehab programs. Your specific recovery plan is tailored to your needs and considers other mental and physical health issues.


Portsmouth, NH Drug & Alcohol Detox


Withdrawal from alcohol and drugs occurs when a person who has become physically and psychologically dependent on the substance begins getting it out of their system (detox). Since symptoms can be fatal, especially with alcohol and benzo detox, proper detoxification in an accredited medical facility is strongly advised for those seeking sobriety. This includes safe withdrawal with supervision by qualified nursing and other medical professionals. Attending a detox is the first step in long-term recovery. Medical professionals have a fundamental role in the fight against Alcoholism. Their job is to assess the extent to which a person is drinking and using drugs (whether mild, moderate, or severe) and guide them through the withdrawal process with medication and close monitoring in an inpatient medical setting. Sometimes, there are options for those seeking outpatient detox and “detox near me.”


Portsmouth, NH Residential Treatment Programs


Pack a bag with your essentials, and it’s time to check into a residential addiction treatment program in NH. Of course, you’re an inpatient guest here, so you must know what to expect! While there may be many amenities available for guests like exercise rooms or pools (or even art therapy!), not all facilities have these features. But they still offer personalized care from highly trained professionals who will work hard alongside their patients through every step on this journey towards recovery. Doctors may administer various treatments to patients, including comfort medication and detox meds, to help them manage their physical and mental symptoms.


Portsmouth, NH Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) by Sobriety Centers of New Hampshire.


People enroll in a PHP program in NH for various reasons. Some insurance does not cover residential treatment, which means that people may need to find another way of getting the help they want and need. Childcare, school, work, and home responsibilities can be a barrier to inpatient, which is another excellent reason individuals choose a Partial Hospitalization Program in NH. Many seek outpatient programs like these because they provide discipline and allow some personal freedom during off-hours and weekends, unlike inpatients. Programs such as PHP in NH will enable you to receive and meet many of your drug rehabilitation needs, and goals met within one location or online.


Portsmouth Outpatient Treatment Programs (IOP & OP) by Sobriety Centers of New Hampshire


As an outpatient program participant in NH, you’ll still take part in classes, checkups, and addiction therapy in NH. However, you won’t have to spend as much of your day at the center or facility when you’re in an outpatient recovery program. You can maintain work or school schedule with some programs. Suppose you’ve recently come out of a more intensive Drug & Alcohol Detox program in NH. In that case, enrolling in an intensive outpatient program in NH is often suggested. This is a great plan to help you continue toward recovery. There are many options now for telehealth IOP and general outpatient alcohol and drug services.


Recovery meetings and support near you


In addition to Portsmouth, NH drug and alcohol treatment facilities, addiction treatment centers and resources may be available to you in other towns and cities close to you.


Kittery : Hampton : New Castle : Newington : North Hampton : Eliot : Exeter : Greenland : Stratham : York : Rye