Does Optum Insurance Cover Drug and Alcohol Rehab in NH?

Yes! Optum Insurance does cover drug and alcohol rehab in New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, and most of New England.

Commercially insured Optum health insurance members should know there is a strong possibility that your drug or alcohol addiction treatment will be partially or mostly, (if not fully) covered. Rehab service coverage for drugs and alcohol through Optum in New Hampshire and New England is only a call away. Some of the Optum associated insurance plans we accept are: Allways, Harvard Pilgrim, Health Plans Inc., Oxford, UMR, United, United Healthcare, VA CCN (Veterans Affairs Community Care Network).

If you have an Optum affiliated insurance plan not listed above please call us, we likely accept your insurance IN-Network. When selecting a drug and alcohol rehab center or addiction treatment facility near you it’s wise to determine what you need for addiction treatment coverage and also  if Optum will cover it. If you’re not sure where to begin Sobriety Centers of New Hampshire is here to help you through the entire addiction treatment admissions process!

How to Check Your Optum Insurance Benefits in New Hampshire 

When you verify your Optum health insurance coverage for alcohol and drug rehabilitation before entering a substance abuse treatment facility. There are multiple ways you can check your benefits with Optum and also Harvard Pilgrim, including online member portals or representatives who will be happy to assist with any questions about treatment services. The easiest way is to call Sobriety Centers of New Hampshire and we can quickly and securely run a complimentary verification of your Optum benefits in real-time. 

Sobriety Centers of New Hampshire (SCNH) admissions and also treatment representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’re here to help you quickly and confidentially check your insurance benefits. Experienced, compassionate SCNH representatives are here to help you navigate the world of substance abuse treatment and health insurance. Whether you have an HMO, PPO, EPO, POS, or other types of Optum insurance, we can help. Our seasoned team understands that deciding to enter treatment is complex, and no two persons have the same circumstances. Please remember that the first step is always the most challenging and rewarding!

All Sobriety Centers of New Hampshire locations are fully In-Network with Harvard Pilgrim and also Optum. SCNH is contracted to provide inpatient alcohol and drug Detox / Residential Treatment (Rehab) / PHP (Partial Hospitalization) / IOP (Intensive Outpatient) / OP (Outpatient) and also Suboxone MAT for Optum clients, including AllWays, Health Plans Inc., Oxford, United, United Health and also many more.

Optum Coverage Levels

Optum coverage:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Florida
  • Indiana
  • Massachusetts
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • Maine
  • Ohio
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Vermont
  • Washington

What do PPOs and HMOs even mean?

Both generally cover services like medical, dental, and vision care. Knowing what Optum coverage you have is very important. Sobriety Centers of New Hampshire can help you verify coverage and determine which of our treatment centers are covered under your Optum insurance. We are contracted with Optum and Harvard Pilgrim to provide all levels of Substance Use care. That means you don’t have to leave New Hampshire or New England for affordable, quality drug and alcohol detox and treatment.

Your out-of-pocket costs are generally lower with an Optum HMO, In fact, you will likely have little to no co-pay. You may need a referral for a specialist, and you must use an in-network provider for your drug and alcohol rehab to be covered. As an IN-Network provider for Optum, we can do a brief phone screen and also get you scheduled to come in for treatment.

A PPO is slightly different, typically you can expect a higher out-of-pocket cost and certain co-pays that can come up. Although, you probably will not need a referral for an addiction treatment specialist. This way you get to go to any addiction treatment provider you prefer, whether in-network or out of network. We can accept PPO policies as well and this can often save you or your loved one significant money.

Finding Treatment Options with Optum

Treatment for addiction and substance abuse can be a very personal endeavor. The type of services that fall under this umbrella varies depending on your specific needs, mental health status, or finances among other things. Optum insurance provides some freedom in deciding how and where you’d like to receive treatment which will ultimately make the process much easier. Whether you need Detox or Inpatient Rehab we can help!

Optum Health Insurance for Inpatient Treatment

Optum and their related insurance plans generally cover inpatient treatment, a level of care that involves staying full-time in an addiction rehab facility. In inpatient addiction treatment settings, individuals will receive medical care as they go about their daily activities of eating, sleeping, and also socializing. Individual and group therapy can help address individual challenges that accompany substance abuse and also mental health issues. It is important to check that your Optum Health Insurance plan covers inpatient services.

Detox is the process by which substances, such as alcohol, are eliminated from the body. It is the first step toward inpatient treatment and recovery for many people. It takes place under the direction of addiction professionals (nurses and doctors). Sobriety Centers of New Hampshire detox center incorporates the use of medications to aid in the reduction of withdrawal symptoms and comfort those in the detox process. Both inpatient detox for substance use disorder and inpatient addiction treatment may be covered by your Optum insurance plan. Sobriety Centers of New Hampshire is contracted with Optum and Harvard Pilgrim to provide these levels of care, IN-NETWORK.

Optum Health Insurance for Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient addiction treatment is usually the least restrictive type of substance use disorder treatment in New Hampshire. It typically occurs after a residential detox stay and inpatient treatment have been completed. Not everyone requires detox in New Hampshire or residential inpatient treatment in New Hampshire before outpatient treatment.

Outpatient treatment services for substance abuse will likely be covered by Harvard Pilgrim and Optum. Like inpatient addiction treatment, your outpatient treatment plan will be customized to your individual needs. Sobriety Centers of New Hampshire has a new, state of the art, outpatient facility on beautiful Lake Winnisquam in Laconia, NH.

Does Optum Cover Medication-Assisted Treatment at SCNH?

Detoxification services, inpatient treatment, and medication-assisted therapy (MAT) may be covered under your Optum insurance plan. Sobriety Centers of New Hampshire uses MAT to help reduce withdrawal symptoms and increase clients’ level of comfort. MAT uses specific medications like suboxone that have approval from the Food and also Drug Administration. These are used for treating substance abuse disorders such as alcohol and also opioid use disorder. Allowing MAT is one of the benefits of detoxing in an inpatient program. We also have a standalone outpatient MAT location in the Lakes Region of NH. 

Does Optum Insurance Cover Sober Living?

Detox is often considered the starting point for many in their recovery process. Structured sober living can be thought of as the last step before you resume your life in your normal environment. Sober living homes in New Hampshire are for individuals in the early stages of recovery from drug and also alcohol addiction. While it’s not a requirement for addiction treatment, it is often a good option for many people.

Sober living is less restrictive than inpatient treatment. Residents are expected to adhere to certain things such as chores, curfew, and attending recovery-related meetings. Those who assist in the home may be in recovery from addiction themselves and ensure that house rules are followed. As well as make sure Drug and alcohol tests are also common practice in sober living homes. There is a strong possibility that Optum won’t cover the cost of sober living services.

Optum Insurance at Sobriety Centers of New Hampshire

Support is available for those who want to find a rehab program that accepts Optum. All Sobriety Centers of New Hampshire locations accept Optum and also can help you verify your coverage before you enter treatment. Optum may also cover Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Vermont residents for drug and alcohol treatment.

From detox and inpatient to outpatient services, you can be assured that Sobriety Centers of NH will work with Optum to provide the services you need to live a successful life in recovery from alcohol and drugs. Recovery is possible. If you or a loved one are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, Sobriety Centers of New Hampshire will work with you and also your Optum insurance provider to ensure you receive the best treatment possible.

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