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Bath Salts Addiction Treatment Program

The street drug known as “Bath Salts” is a synthetic cathinone, a type of psychoactive designer drug.

Bath Salts are usually sold in the streets in a white powdered form but can also be sold as granules or crystals resembling a salt (hence the name). It can be injected, smoked or swallowed. Drug seeking individuals often will consume Bath Salts accidentally when attempting to purchase other illicit drugs like crack, cocaine or methamphetamine as they are a cheap alternative and can be made to have a similar appearance. While those abusing Bath Salts are using the drug for the strong rush and euphoric feeling it provides, there are serious dangers to using Bath Salts. Bath Salts can cause rapid heart rate, high blood pressure, muscle spasms, seizures, and intense delusions. Prolonged use of the drug can lead to serious psychological and behavioral side effects such as: severe anxiety, confusion, insomnia, violent behavior, paranoia, and psychosis. The dangerous side effects of Bath Salts were brought to light in 2012, when a man who had been high on Bath Salts, attacked and seriously maimed another man when he bit and ate parts of his face. The man who was high on Bath Salts was in such a psychotic delusion due to the drugs influence, that he could not safely be subdued and was shot and killed by police. Other instances of what was dubbed “zombie-like” attacks as a result of Bath Salts induced psychosis occurred again in 2013 and 2016, where victims had bites taken out of them from the person high on Bath Salts. Aside from the extreme psychotic delusions that abuse of Bath Salts can cause, use of the drug can cause kidney failure, brain damage or death.

Addiction to Bath Salts

When an individual has abused Bath Salts for a period of time, they become physically dependent upon the drug to function. This increases the danger posed to the drug addicted individual as they require higher quantities of Bath Salts in their system, which only increase the risk for health risks and potential of overdose. Once a person has developed a habit and become addicted to Bath Salts, it will be difficult to cease use of the drug. Bath Salts are highly psychologically-addictive and the mental cravings are so intense it can be impossible to stop taking the drug on one’s own will power alone.

Withdrawals from Bath Salts

The withdrawals from Bath Salts produce physical and psychological symptoms. An individual withdrawing from Bath Salts can expect to experience depression, insomnia, paranoia, and tremors. Since much of what is considered Bath Salts being sold on the street is cut with other drugs, a person addicted to Bath Salts may even develop a chemical dependency on other drugs as well. Bath Salts are commonly cut with methamphetamines and cocaine. Those seeking help from an addiction to Bath Salts require help with the withdrawal symptoms from an inpatient drug and alcohol detox facility.

Bath Salts Treatment Programs in NH

Sobriety Centers of New Hampshire provides a Bath Salts Addiction Treatment Program at their Antrim, NH location. Those who enroll in the Bath Salts Treatment Program from the Sobriety Centers of NH will be met with a highly ethical approach to drug addiction from our team of addiction medicine specialists. Our Bath Salts Treatment Program will help individuals achieve recovery from their addiction through our highly effective approach at drug rehabilitation. Sobriety Centers of New Hampshire’s Antrim House combats the disease of addiction from a blend of proven clinical methods and a holistic healing approach. Clients will be exposed to various therapeutic modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and Motivational Interviewing, while also being immersed in 12-step methodology and SMART Recovery workshops. Sobriety Centers of New Hampshire’s Bath Salts Addiction Treatment Program will emphasize cognitive behavioral therapy as an effective treatment for addiction to bath salts.

Sobriety Centers of New Hampshire’s Bath Salts Treatment Program in Antrim, NH

If you are struggling with an addiction to Bath Salts, contact Sobriety Centers of New Hampshire today at (603) 808-0185 SCNH creates an atmosphere of empathy and compassion to treat you or your loved ones addiction.  The Bath Salts Treatment Program in Antrim, NH will provide the care you need to recovery from Bath Salts addiction.

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