Is Massachusetts Becoming Like Florida for Addiction Treatment?

Massachusetts and Florida have many great qualities in common. From the luxurious sandy beaches and waterfronts to the consistent existence of tourism, each state has plenty to offer for travelers and residents alike. 

For those seeking help with their addiction, this begs the question, how do these states compare in substance use treatment? Keep reading to see find out if Massachusetts is becoming the new rehab capital of America, and what this means for substance abuse patients across the country


The Florida Shuffle

Is Massachusetts Becoming the New Florida for Addiction Treatment?Florida is famous for luxurious substance use treatment facilities, one of which even being a neighbor to former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate. They don’t call it “the rehab capital of America” for nothing. 

The presence of rehabilitation centers in Florida makes up where other states lack, with 712 records of substance abuse providers. Considering Florida’s overall population, this allows addiction treatment in Florida for at least three residents for each facility.

The problem with a large number of substance use treatment facilities in Florida comes from a deeper correlation between patients and their need for assistance. 

The phenomenon known as “The Florida Shuffle” has brought Florida and its rehabilitation centers into the spotlight. This practice involves recruiting individuals struggling with substance abuse and have good health insurance, and then shuffling them from one rehab facility to another to maximize profits. Essentially, this practice takes advantage of the individual and their insurance coverage for financial gain. An addiction treatment facility can earn more than $40,000 for each patient it takes on. 

The exploitation of patients can be detrimental to the mental health of a person who legitimately wants to obtain a healthier lifestyle. Brokers who work for these facilities don’t have a drug user’s best interests in mind. 

There have even been reports of drugs being freely used, shared, and purchased within the facilities in southern Florida. With this information, it would seem the rehab capital of America is also the relapse capital of America. In fact, in 2020 alone, Florida saw a total of 7,321 overdose deaths

One could argue that, with so many facilities available, the state should have a much smaller number of overdoses. Patients are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for treatment that they don’t truly receive. 

Using a person’s drug use as leverage for profit is damaging and immoral. But what about Massachusetts?


The Problem with Substance Use Treatment Facilities in Massachusetts

Several luxury facilities exist in Massachusetts due to its breathtaking landscapes and historic foundations that America was built on. This immediately points to a higher price tag for sobriety.

Massachusetts is among the top five most expensive states to live in, with the cost of living being 77% more than the national average. As such, it can be concluded that the cost of rehab in this state matches the costs associated with living

While there haven’t been any reports of rehab brokers and dangerous exploitation of patients in Massachusetts lately, there is a connection between the facilities available and the ever-pressing issue of overdoses. In 2019, Massachusetts was home to 2,210 overdose deaths. Just a year later, this number increased to 2,302. 

Massachusetts is in the top tier of states with the most significant drug problems. Access to true and effective care in Massachusetts lacks substantially, leaving many struggling to find addiction treatment for their substance abuse in Massachusetts

Long-term treatment is a tried-and-true way to receive the best and most permanent type of recovery. The problem with this is, for those with a lack of funds or insurance, Massachusetts can be a very expensive place to try and receive the care a person deserves. 

Without the right connections to long-term, inpatient care for severe cases of substance abuse, addiction could leave a person scrambling to find an affordable and adequate treatment facility.

The Solution for People Seeking Addiction Treatment in New Hampshire

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At the Sobriety Centers of New Hampshire, you will encounter many kinds of affordable treatment, including group therapy, individualized therapy, and a safe place to detox and withdraw with medical intervention. Above all, we will treat you with dignity and respect and provide you with the support system and care that you deserve.

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