Inpatient Program

Addressing the Root Cause: Our Trauma Informed Approach

The Antrim House offers a comfortable and compassionate treatment experience guided by a team of dedicated treatment professionals. ​ The facility is staffed 24/7 by our experienced team which includes a doctor of psychology, a doctor board certified in addiction medicine, masters level clinicians licensed in mental health and/or addiction counseling, a certified recovery support worker and recovery coaches, and a professional chef. Day to day operations and treatment programs are overseen by the Executive Director, Emily Robbins, who is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LCMHC) as well as a Master Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (MLADC).  All staff receive training on trauma-informed care, non-violent crisis intervention through the Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) curriculum, First Aid, CPR, AED, Narcan, and medication monitoring.

Program participants are provided with an opportunity for a minimum of eight (8) hours of sleep per day in private and semi-private bedrooms located in residential style facility. Client rooms are furnished and storage for clothing, linens and bedding are provided. Bathrooms and showers will also be accessible inside the sleeping area. The residence is ADA equipped and accessible. Clients have access to two living room/game room areas to relax, read and watch television/movies. In the kitchen, clients have access to dry goods, snacks and drinks throughout the day, as well as laundry facilities. Trained recovery support staff are stationed in the sleeping area and also handle non-emergency transportation needs.

The breakfast meal is prepared by the staff in the kitchen area and will consist of a continental-style breakfast of hot and cold cereals, fresh fruits and vegetables, yogurts, cream and cottage cheese, toast, rolls and bagels, fresh juices, milk and soy milk. Prepared meals are provided two (2) times daily, lunch and dinner, in the kitchen hall located on the property, are prepared by staff and kitchen manager, and driven by a healthy, well balanced menu.

During their stay at the Antrim House, clients participate in a structured treatment program driven by a daily schedule, which includes therapeutic and other groups and individual counseling sessions held in the clinical building on the property. Clients will participate in Therapeutic process groups, psychoeducational groups, life skills groups, relapse prevention and Step/SMART recovery support groups. All therapeutic process groups are monitored and facilitated by trained licensed counselor/therapists.

Clients will also be assigned an individual counselor/therapist/Counselors while they are in treatment at the Antrim House. Each client receives one hour of individual counseling/therapy, 5 hours of therapeutic process groups, and twenty hours of psycho-educational groups per week. Counselor/therapists also provide assessment, treatment planning, and case management, relapse prevention and discharge planning. All clinical services are supervised by the Executive Director. Non-treatment medical services will be provided by area vendors, such as local clinics, hospitals and urgent care facilities.

Clients also participate in 12-step activities and actively attend 12-step meetings in the local community. Clients will be transported to these meetings by recovery support staff, as scheduled.

Clients have access and are provided time each day to participate in cardiovascular exercise, and yoga or yoga videos to assist them in the physical healing process of their bodies as well as a self-care tools to help them manage stress and anxiety.

The Antrim House practices a holistic approach to recovery, addressing mind, body and spiritual wellness.

All day-to-day operations and programming is overseen by the Executive Director.

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